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No one likes to look out at their landscape and see unwanted weeds sprouting up all over. Not only is it unsightly, but weeds can more often than not be quite difficult to completely eradicate if you do not know exactly what kind of weeds that they are. This makes it hard for the average person to solve the problem.

There are two main categories of weeds that may cause issues for your lawn. Perennial weeds can live longer than two years and often grow back after being treated several times. Annual weeds only last for one season, but they tend to germinate at the time of the year when weed control is not active. This is why weeds can be so hard to control.

Huntington Nursery & Florist are experts at what we do, and we know when and how to treat your landscape to best control the weeds so that you may enjoy a healthy green lawn year after year.

Weed spraying
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