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As someone who has a lawn, you most likely maintain it by mowing and even watering your lawn, but did you realize that in order to have a healthy green lawn, there is a need to fertilize your grass? Undoubtedly you have seen bags of lawn fertilizer at your local home stores, but there is more to properly fertilizing than just spreading the contents of a bag of store bought fertilizer.

If you want the best and healthiest lawn, it makes sense to hire a professional that has the knowledge of fertilizing. There is a science behind proper application of lawn fertilizer. Things that need to be considered are the amount of fertilizer, how and when to apply it, and in what climate you are located.

Let Huntington Nursery & Florist take care of your lawn fertilization needs by using the proper ingredients in the fertilizer, applying the proper amounts for your specific needs, and applying the fertilizer with a tailored schedule that will maximize the benefits of fertilization.

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