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At Huntington Nursery & Florist, we are committed to bringing top quality landscape and gardening supplies to our customers. Our bulk soils are always under cover which means that they will always be workable when you need them. We carry black topsoil and brown topsoil, both ground and screened to create a premium topsoil for your needs.”Give us a call or stop in to discuss your bulk soil needs.

Peat moss is important for gardening for many reasons. Peat can retain up to twenty times of its own weight in moisture and slowly release it as a plant needs it. It can also aerate heavy clay soil or bind loose sandy soil. When used in combination with fertilization, peat can reduce the effects of nutrients leaching into the soil, and release them over time thus saving on fertilizer. When used in a compost pile, peat moss can speed up the process and reduce the odors and help control the air and water in the compost pile. When you have a need for peat moss, let Huntington Nursery & Florist be your gardening experts.

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