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Here are some more pictures of a recent project.  Thanks!

The perfect Father’s Day gift

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Huntington Nursery & Florist has the perfect Father’s Day gift for that special Dad in your life.   Whether it be plants, tools, garden supplies, or a unique “manly” floral arrangement, we have just what you need to tell Dad “thank you.”   If you can’t decide on the perfect gift, every man loves a gift certificate to use at his own discretion.   Let Huntington Nursery & Florist help you tell Dad how much he means to you!

New landscape

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Here are some before and after pictures of a recent project.   This landscape features a masonry light post, block retaining wall, and meramac stone on the side.   

Mothers Day

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Come in to Huntington Nursery & Florist and choose from a wide selection of items to make mom happy this Mother’s Day.  


Planning Your Garden

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We often see gardens around old homes that seem to stay beautiful for decades, perhaps even after the original creator of the garden has left. It is a good idea to plan your garden first so that it your plants can thrive in harmony while looking their best.

There are a few topics that you should think over and decide upon when first planning your garden.

Do you plan on planting annuals or perennials? A plant that grows for one season and needs replaced next season are annuals, on the other hand there are perennials which come back year after year.

Is your garden in the sun or shade? There are plants that can thrive in both areas, but you want to make sure that a tall plant that loves sun wont grow to shade a shorter plant.

Consideration to plant size should also be a topic you address. Many gardens are planted in frames that are set up so that the plants will not overshadow each other. Also keep in mind how the plants will spread out when they mature.

When you have a nice garden, you may also want to plan what color plants you want to have. When they blossom, it looks better when the colors compliment themselves.

As the seasons change, if your garden is planned right, there can be something blossoming from early spring through autumn.

There are two types of garden design, informal and formal. Formal gardens will be square and have sharp edges and geometric shapes with an overall symmetrical shape. On the other hand, informal gardens contain more curves, and wide arcs that take you from one scene to the next.

There are many different plants that have many different shapes from spikes to globes and everything in between. These shapes can be planned out to give a dramatic look if done right.

The last thing you may want to think about is mass plantings. Along with adding to the scenery, they will also help keep the weeds out. If you don’t plan to cover the whole area, it is wise to to put down mulch to keep the areas clean for when you do expand.

As you can see, there is alot to consider when planning out your garden, but with a good plan in the beginning, you will have an attractive garden that will look better and better each year.

Why do your plants keep dying?

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We have all been there. You have found a plant that you love, and you take care of it, but then after a season or two, it is dead.

Sometimes the reason is simply that the plant isn’t getting the full attention that
it truly requires, or we as the caretaker can’t realistically provide the full attention that the plant needs. Given enough time, money and effort, any plant can be grown, however, if the environment is not right for that specific plant, it may eventually die.

There are seven main reasons why plants don’t live up to the gardeners expectations. We may assume that we can change the soil a plant grows in by simply adding some compost, and we may think that the soil is perfect. Proper soil takes time to improve, and while the initial addition of nutrients is a great step, it will take several annual applications of organic material that will get worked into the ground by means of the freeze and thaw cycle. So what do you do if you have poor soil? One method is to use a “layered” approach to your garden. What this means is that you will start your garden with plants that are well suited to the existing conditions, and then as the soil improves, you will add new plants that are suited to the new conditions.

When it comes to the moisture content a plant requires, you need to be realistic. You may think that you can plant a moisture hungry perennial in a dry garden because you intend to water it every day, but in reality, you may not be able to keep up with that commitment. Even if you are diligent in your irrigation habits, you may unintentionally be over watering other surrounding plants. The best thing to do in this case is to know what your watering goals are going to be and to select a plant that will thrive in those conditions.

People sometimes use wood chips around their plants instead of mulch, and that can be detrimental to your garden because wood chips actually use nitrogen as they decompose. Plants also need nitrogen, so the wood chips may in fact be competing with the surrounding plants rather than helping them. Plants will do better with a mulch that is closer to their natural environment, even better if the mulch is a local mulch.

Over fertilization can also be an issue and not allow the plants to grow at their full potential. If your plant is in a container, then it will probably need frequent fertilization, but for a plant in the ground, it is possible to overload the nutritional needs of a plant. Some signs of over nutrition may be a plant that is producing excess foliage which cuts down on flower production, or if the plant is becoming floppy.

Plants need care and attention, and while your initial effort of watering the plant for a few weeks seems like the thing to do, it is not enough. Most perennials take time to become established in the garden, and you need to understand that as the needs of the plant change, so must your care for the plant.

We all love to go to the garden store and see the wonderful plants that are available, however, we need to be careful not to fall in love with a plant that is wrong for our garden. You may find out that the plant you just bought home is going to need extra care to thrive in the environment that you have to offer. This is ok, but you do no want a garden full of needy plants that will not get your full attention. It would be better to have a garden that is well suited to the existing conditions, and then choose one or two plants that you know will take extra care.

Lastly, don’t take on a bigger task than you need to. Many times your garden project is just too big. Your garden needs to grow with you, and you need to be asking yourself one question, are you having fun? You don’t want to end up with a garden that has some plants taking over and others are dying. Plants want to live, and you need to be mindful of the conditions that you are putting them in. Choose the right plants, use proper mulch, and water as needed. The right care will lead to a garden that will become what you want it to be.

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